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Created in 2012, The Social Architects (TSA) function as a forum to synthesis and analyse information/rights violations collected in Sri Lanka.

TSA works predominately to address that conflicting historical views are reconciled and allow for shared history that can be accepted by all sides. TSA’ aspires “To protect, promote, record and preserve for the benefit of the public or any section of the public within or without in one or more of the following:

(a) Bring victims’/survivors voices to the fore, by helping document and share their stories through new communication technology and digital media in the form of documentaries and film, and supporting restorative justice tribunals that center on their experiences;

(b)  Support for Reconciliation Initiatives and Enforcement of Sri Lanka’s Domestic and International Legal Obligations;

(c)   Promote reconciliation through culture and the art;

(d)  Recovery of the Historical Memory in Sri Lanka.

Currently TSA has initiated a project to “Enhancing Citizens Action for State Accountability through the use of Right to Information Act”.


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